Portable home disinfectant blue ray light nano spray steam atomizer machine atomizing sprayer fog gun with battery

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Product name  Wireless blue ray nano steam gun
Model No. SH-005-FG-B
Voltage:  110-240V/50Hz                          
Rated Power:  10W
Tank Capacity:  800ML
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Charge time: 2 hours, can use 3 hours for single charge
Part size: 220*105*240mm  
Part weight:  0.7 kgs
Certified CE ROHS
Application Application: car, office, house, club, KTV, gym, theatre, government, school, shopping mall, all pubic places; Disinfection/sterilization kill all the bacteria.                                                                                      Can use water, alcohol, disinfectant etc.                              

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review